Martin Strobel

Husband, Software Developer, Cyclist

In college, I found that the best way to really learn something was to TA the class.

In general, my time as a TA consisted of explaining something during recitation as best as I knew how, to kids who skipped the lecture the day before. At first I would often go in unprepared, absolutely convinced that I had mastered the subject well enough to answer any of the lame questions thrown at me. It only took a few embarassing moments to realize that despite doing well on exams years ago, explaining something to others and feeling their scrutiny, requires a whole different level of understanding.

For that reason, I’m starting this blog. I’d like to have an outlet where I can push myself to explain something, even if that explanation is just for me.

This will almost always be technical, but sometimes I may sneak in a post about bicycles or beer.